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Date: April 6, 2012 | Category: Cafes and Restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh

Cafe “MAKANI” started its activities by opening a bakery in 2002.

Today it is a popular cafe, which offers a varied menu.

A hot donut or croissant with a cup of coffee for breakfast in a cozy atmosphere, will give you the perfect mood for the day.

Cafe rich diversity of all kinds of salads, a lunch you can order a bowl of hot tomato or lentil soup, baked lasagna or hot sandwich. There is always served fresh squeezed juice, freshly baked cakes and pies. You may also surprise you with its diversity and Sushi Bar.

You always are greeted with a friendly smile and excellent service will not keep long in coming  order.

This cafe can be found in Naama Bay, the street of the World, on the first floor of the Rose Mall or Hadoba area, next to a supermarket, “Sheikh Abdullah”.



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