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Costa Coffee

Date: January 31, 2012 | Category: Cafes and Restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh

In 1971, brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa formed the famous factory for roasting coffee in Lambeth, a suburb of London. In the local coffee shop they delivered fantastic coffee, processed by a special Italian technique of slowly and evenly roasted beans. Coffee was very popular among guests coffee, and in 1978 in London, Vauxhall Bridge Road, the brothers opened their first Costa Coffee espresso bar.

Today, Costa Coffee Network has over 1090 stores in the UK and about 560 stores worldwide and operates in 25 countries. Living in the Middle East are among the most dedicated enthusiasts in the world of coffee, with a tradition that dates back hundreds if not thousands of years their enthusiasm for Coffee Costa was virtually guaranteed.

Costa Coffee is strictly adheres to the original technology of slow roasted coffee beans and offers a unique blend of Mocca Italia (Arabica and Robusta coffee in the ratio 6:1), created by Costa and his brothers still used today in all stores. One of them is located in the prestigious shopping center in Sharm el-Sheikh “Il Mercato.”  Boasting cozy seating and free WiFi access, the aroma of fresh coffee, pastries and an exclusive food menu to suit all tastes.

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