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El Fanar Easter – Sham El Nseem Party in Sharm El Shikh | Book an Excursion get a FREE party!!

Date: April 26, 2011 | Category: Places To Visit, Special Offer | Tags: , , ,

El Fanar has Held an awesome non-stop party from 1 pm till 4 am in sham el Nseem 25 April 2011. Party went great! and they are planing to repeat it over and over as per visitors request! We Offer you a free entrance to the coming party if you book any of the Excursions in our site.

Awesome Beach Party in Sharm El Shikh

With the Fanar Extended sea view and Corals view show it was an all family party with 3 well known DJs playing Non-stop the party program included:

a Foam Party

3 Djs

1 Free Beer!!!

Open Beach

Delicious Food


Italian Chefs in El Fanar Sharm El Shikh cook the best Italian Food!

The Very Welcomed El Fanar Staff has provided every one with a pleasure of eating or drinking, Elfanar Italian Chefs are making the best Pizza in Sharm El Shikh in the awesome wooden oven YOU MUST TRY IT!!! also there was a several other very tasty dishes available including a BBQ


Order any excursion from us and we will grant you a free access to EL FANAR Next PARTY!!!

Before Party The Beach Party Preparation 11:00 am

Foam Machine

Very Nice View on Corals and Open Sea

Hey Mr DJ!

The Staff Behind The Success

That is where the place get it’s name Fanar = Lighthouse

The Party From The Beach

Red Sea Corals and Colored Fish

Djs Testing the music

I forgot what was that 😀

Snorkeling in Red Sea

Its an Every One Party!!

El Fanar Beautiful Welcomed Staff

Lets Get The Party Started 1:00 PM

Lets Dance!

Here we go…. FOAM!!

More Foam!!

Even More Foam

Everybody must get wet!

Beautiful View Sun Going Down

Its Getting Romantic in here!

OMG This Party will never finish! 3:00 AM and People Still Dancing

3:00 AM People Still on the sea!


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