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“Mughal Mahal”

Date: February 9, 2012 | Category: Cafes and Restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh
We invite you to visit the new restaurant “Mughal Mahal” the ultimate in Asian cuisine.
Located near the sands in Sharm El Sheikh, the restaurant “Mughal Mahal” opened in May 2010. The first facility was opened twenty-five years ago in Kuwait. Over the years the brand has become a multi-network of some of the best gourmet restaurants.
With a traditional Rajasthani theme, borrowed from the Indian state of Rajasthan. The restaurant can accommodate over 200 guests inside and out with panoramic views from the terrace.
 Mughlai cuisine is served in an elegant and refined atmosphere that harks back to the days of Raj in India. This distinctive style of cooking reflects the style of 16th-century kitchens from the Mughal Empire.
 With a range of popular dishes to suit all tastes including kebabs, koftas, kormas, tikka’s and biryani’sCome and experience the best!

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